Fluxbox wallpaper from menu

Choose Wallpapers from the fluxbox menu

Adding this code to your ~/.fluxbox menu, will open a sub-menu that will have the names of all pictures that you have in ~/pictures/wallpapers.
Click on whatever picture you choose, and that picture becomes your desktop background.
Please note that when I say ~/.fluxbox menu, I am referring to whatever you have labled as your primary menu, i.e. menu1, if you are using the menu from the second guide.

[wallpapers] (~/pictures/wallpapers)

The end of the second line has the path pointing to /home/pictures/wallpapers. If you want to point to another folder that has your pictures, just change the path.

Sub-menus like the one above, can be placed inside of other sub-menus. Keeps it out of the way in general use, but is there when you need it. I wonder if fluxbox put a cap on how many sub-menus within sub-menus you can have . . . kinda cool to be able to see all my pictures three menus deep with one click, and execute a choice for my background with just one more.

Original article by sleekmason in the sidux.com forums.



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