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Fluxbox Menu

I am using XFCE as part of my base install, and paths in the menu below will reflect this.  I have enabled paths in the menu for Konqueror and Konsole to keep you feeling groovy.  These can be commented out easily, so no worries about seeing the entries right off.

Now, I could show you how to edit your menu, and/or how to add particular programs to Fluxbox, but there are numerous sites on the web that will show you how to edit your own Fluxbox menu, and settings. For some, the best way to learn is the hands on approach. With Fluxbox this is easily accomplished with minimal risk.

In order to get started, just copy the menu below. This menu is user independent, requiring only that you add a single number in your ~/.fluxbox/init file to make it work.

*Note: It is a good idea to make a folder specifically for downloads and or other files in your /home. ‘Rightclick’ in ~ /home, and ‘create folder’. Call it whatever you want (‘progs’ or ‘downloads’ or some such), and place anything you download or copy into that folder for unpacking. Then move your newly unpacked files/folders to their final destination.

In ~/.fluxbox, make a new file and name it menu1. Copy and paste the menu below into that file. In order to point Fluxbox to use menu1 as the main menu, just open ~/.fluxbox/init, and change the line that reads:

session.menuFile ~/.fluxbox/menu


session.menuFile ~/.fluxbox/menu1

Save your file and exit.

Restart Fluxbox and you will be presented with a new menu, which has a setup more suited to easy use and learning.
More so, if you do any of the rest of the tweaks I write, you will already be set up without having to do anything but start exploring.

I have listed in menu1 some of the most common items, with an option to open the full ‘Debian’ menu if needed.
In menu1 you will find:
1. Access to the internet through iceweasel, with a few pages preset to get you started.
2. A sub section just for Audio/Video that has a few applications already listed.
3. A path to the Debian menu with an option to update your menus on the fly.
4. A section to toggle video, toggle conky and toggle extras. This is set for my specific paths (see guide on installing conky and mplayer).
5. A path to xfce settings, Fluxbox settings (menu1, keys, init, startup, and ~/.fluxbox through thunar).  Also, direct access to root terminal and root thunar (will ask for password).
6. Options to restart fluxbox, exit to login, reboot, and shutdown. I will show a how to a little later how to set this up for use without a password. In ~/.fluxbox/menu1 you will see an option to UN-comment two lines that will allow this feature, but some other changes need to be made as well.

Change menu1 however you like. If you screw it up, no worries.

Worst case, you log back into xfce (or kde) and change the line in ~/.fluxbox/init that you changed earlier by simply removing the ‘1’ and restarting Fluxbox. Presto-Chango, back to your old menu. Or, simply keep a instance of thunar open, while you edit your [~/.fluxbox/menu1, so that even if you destroy the menu, you can simply copy over with the original menu1.

## Please see for information.
## to use your own menu, copy this to ~/.fluxbox/menu,
##or whatever you wish to name it,then edit
## ~/.fluxbox/init and change the session.menuFile path,
## to ~/.fluxbox/menu
[begin] (Fluxbox)
## ~/.fluxbox/menu1
[exec] (Home) {/usr/bin/iceweasel}
[exec] (Weather) {iceweasel http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=72701}
[exec] (Sidux) {iceweasel http://www.sidux.com/}
[exec] (Bored Eh?) {iceweasel http://www.i-am-bored.com/}
[exec] (yahoo) {iceweasel http://www.yahoo.com}
#[exec] (Firefox) {~/progs/firefox/firefox}
#[exec] (Swiftfox) {/usr/bin/swiftfox}
[exec] (Icedove) {/usr/bin/icedove}
[exec] (CheckGMail) {/usr/bin/checkgmail}
[exec] (Pidgin) {/usr/bin/pidgin}
[exec] (Transmission) {/usr/bin/transmission}
[exec] (Thunar) {thunar}
[exec] (Term) {/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal}
[exec] (TermSU) {/usr/bin/gksu -u root /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal}
[exec] (ThunarSU) {/usr/bin/su-to-root -X -c /usr/bin/thunar}
[exec] (Synaptic) {/usr/bin/su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/synaptic}
[exec] (Random Wallpaper) {fbsetbg -f -r ~/pictures/wallpapers}
[submenu] (Styles)
[stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
[submenu] (Mods)
[stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles/tenr.de-styles-pkg)
#[exec] (konqueror) {konqueror}
#[exec] (konsole) {konsole}
[exec] (Abiword) {/usr/bin/abiword}
#[exec] (OpenOffice.org Writer) {/usr/bin/oowriter}
#[exec] (X-Terminal as root) {/usr/bin/gksu -u root /usr/bin/xterm}
[exec] (GIMP) {/usr/bin/gimp}
#[exec] (Nexuiz) {/usr/games/nexuiz}
#[exec] (Screensaver) {xscreensaver-demo}
#[exec] (Mypaint) {/usr/bin/mypaint}
[exec] (K3b) {/usr/bin/k3b}
#[exec] (Kcolorchooser) {/usr/bin/kcolorchooser}
#[exec] (Virtualbox) {/usr/bin/VirtualBox}
#[exec] (Video/list) {mousepad ~/.scripts/togglevid.sh & thunar ~/Videos}
[exec] (Acidrip) {/usr/bin/acidrip}
[exec] (Aqualung) {/usr/bin/aqualung}
[exec] (Ardour GTK2) {/usr/bin/ardour2}
[exec] (Audacious) {/usr/bin/audacious}
[exec] (Audacity) {/usr/bin/audacity}
[exec] (JACK Control) {/usr/bin/qjackctl}
[exec] (avidemux (GTK\)) {/usr/bin/avidemux2_gtk}
#[exec] (Miro) {/usr/bin/miro}
[exec] (Hydrogen) {/usr/bin/hydrogen}
#[exec] (Streamtuner) {/usr/bin/streamtuner}
[exec] (MPlayer) {/usr/bin/gmplayer}
[exec] (Frostwire) {/usr/bin/frostwire}
#[exec] (Random Song) {/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal --geometry=50X12 --hide-borders --hide-menubar --hide-toolbars -H -e "randSongForever.sh"}
[submenu] (Auto-generated Menu)
[exec] (Regenerate Menu) {update-menus}
[include] (~/.fluxbox/fluxbox-menu)
[exec] (Xkill) {xkill}
[exec] (Xclipboard) {xclipboard}
[exec] (Toggle Video) {~/.scripts/togglevid.sh}
[exec] (Toggle Extras) {~/.scripts/toggledecor.sh}
[exec] (Toggle Conky) {~/.scripts/toggleconky.sh}
[exec] (Toggle Effects) {~/.scripts/toggle-xcompmgr.sh}
[exec] (StickyTerm) {/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal --geometry=50X12 --hide-borders --hide-menubar --hide-toolbars}
[exec] (Scripts) {thunar ~/.scripts}
[exec] (Xkill) {xkill}
[exec] (Xclipboard) {xclipboard}
#[exec] (Backup) {xterm -hold -e su -c ~/backupscript/bu/rd-h2.sh}
[exec] (Backup) {/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal --geometry=50X12 --hide-borders --hide-menubar --hide-toolbars -H -e "su -c /home/sleek/backupscript/bu/rd-h2.sh"}
#[exec] (Backup) {xterm -hold -e su -c ~/backupscript/rbxi/rbxi}
[submenu](System Settings)
[exec] (xfce settings) {xfce4-settings-manager}
[exec] (HPLIP Toolbox) {/usr/bin/hp-toolbox}
[submenu](Flux Settings)
[wallpapers] (~/pictures/wallpapers)
[exec] (Fluxbox Folder) {thunar ~/.fluxbox}
[exec] (Menu1){mousepad ~/.fluxbox/menu1}
[exec] (Startup){mousepad ~/.fluxbox/startup}
[exec] (Init){mousepad ~/.fluxbox/init}
[exec] (Keys){mousepad ~/.fluxbox/keys}
[exec] (Apps){mousepad ~/.fluxbox/apps}
[exec] (StylesFolder) {thunar ~/.fluxbox/styles}
[submenu] (Quit)
[restart] (Restart Fluxbox)
[exit] (Exit to login)
#### these next two lines are to be used with sudoers change in /etc.
#[exec] (Reboot) {sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now}
#[exec] (Shutdown) {sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now}
#### these next two lines are for password use of shutdown
[exec] (Reboot) {su-to-root -X -c /sbin/reboot}
[exec] (Shutdown) {su-to-root -X -c /sbin/halt}


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